Agency Work

From 2017-2019 Shanna worked closely with Austin, TX agencies Mazza Models and Jones Model Management, as well as Seattle, WA agencies SMG and Heffner Management. With COVID-19 precautions in place, in the summer of 2020, Shanna worked closely with The Dragonfly Agency & Wallflower Management in Dallas, TX. She enjoys the creative freedom and development that comes with agency testings, as well as rooting for developing models as they achieve new milestones.

Jones Model Management

"Having Shanna photograph our models has been an absolute dream! Not only is she unbelievably kind to everyone on set, she manages to capture each of our models perfectly! JMM loves Shanna!" || JMM, ATX ||

Mazza Models

"She is SO MUCH FUN! One of my favorite photographers to work with, she's very easy to work with and will help you with posing and things if needed. Her work is beautiful and you'll love the results!" || Mazza Models, ATX ||