Archive Revisited

2000 and something

The following images were taken on a disposable film camera by Shanna Lucas on a trip to San Francisco, CA, sometime between 2006-2008. A decade later, the photographs were developed and seen for the first time in 2016. The latent film development is due to a project of her father's; collecting the personal disposable film cameras of Shanna and her twin brother from family trips throughout their upbringing to develop and gift to them at the age of 18. Below are select images that display the formation of Shanna Lucas's "eye."

"Off the Clock Winnie." © Shanna Lucas

"BIG Yellow Bus." © Shanna Lucas

"Looking out, Looking In." © Shanna Lucas. First of the roll.

"Discovering composition at Pier 39." © Shanna Lucas

"A steel and wood collaboration." © Shanna Lucas

"Temporarily Parked Birds." © Shanna Lucas. For Bob.


The two photographs below-- taken with Shanna Lucas's first DSLR camera, a Canon EOS XS, at 17 years-old-- capture the cusp of Shanna assuming the role 'photographer'. The following images were rediscovered in March of 2021 and post-processed for the first time.

"The Bird Man" - A man kisses his African Grey Parrot before a small crowd on the market streets of Monterey, CA. || © Shanna Lucas . March 2015.

"A Man and His Horse" - A Mexican gentleman spontaneously poses with his horse on a hill, captured from the back seat of a moving bus. A split-second photograph before fading from view. Truly a surprising moment, as the objective was only to capture the horse. || © Shanna Lucas. July, 2015. Somewhere in Mexico.